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What is a "Family Challenge"?  


This unique opportunity for select families who will offer a "(Your Name Here) Family Challenge" - which is: if we get at least $20,000 in Raider Challenge donations on a given day of BSSU (Aug. 4-12), the family will donate $20,000.

The expectation is that these "Family Challenges" will help motivate other community members to participate and give more generously. 

A total of $20,000 per day in "Family Challenge" dollars will be communicated to all BSSU participants. We will promote a $20,000 commitment from one family, two $10,000 commitments from two families, etc. 

Please consider becoming a Family Sponsor


Our goal is to secure $20,000 in matching funds for each day of BSSU with sponsorships starting at $5,000. Beyond making an immediate impact on your student's learning environment, you are encouraging other parents to make an impact as well. 

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