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Why does the PTO need to raise money?

For every dollar needed, the school district must either raise taxes by $3.33 or collect $1 in donations. Seeking donations from the community is the most efficient way to raise funds that directly benefit our campus.  As a result of redistributed “Robin Hood” payments, HPISD has returned over $1 billion dollars to the state education system. In order to maintain the caliber of education in our district the PTO helps bridge the gap.

How does Mad for Plaid support MIS/HPMS?

Mad for Plaid focuses on overall district needs, specifically, ensuring our teacher’s salaries are competitive with the best districts in Texas. The Education Foundation raises these funds on behalf of HPISD as a necessary revenue source for the district to maintain its salary budget for all teachers, including those at MIS/HPMS.

How did we

spend the money?

Last year Raider Challenge Funds were spent on items including:


  • Student Technology/Development

  • Professional Development

  • Teacher Masters Degree Support

  • Building Enhancements

  • Recurring Expenses (ie. copy machine leases, toner etc)

  • Teacher Salary Support

  • Educational supply requests from faculty and staff

Educational excellence is an investment.

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